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Currently supporting macOS and intended to be played with PS3 or PS4 controllers. 1—4 players.

Greater Toronto Animalia (#GTAnimalia) is an open-ended, full-scale re-creation of the entire Toronto area (generated from real mapping data) where the animals have taken over the streets. You play as one of several local wildlife species, including a red fox, white-tailed deer, black bear or of course the local mascot, the trash panda. Up to four players at a time can roam familiar surroundings, race between landmarks, search for food, or just chill out. The game is developed with the support of the Toronto Arts Council.

World generated by Wrld3D.

(Most) animals by MalberS Animation.

Please note that the raccoons are super broken and I kinda like them that way :P


GTAnimalia v0.1 macOS.zip 151 MB


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so far seems good! i really like the animations, they look so fluid. however i can't figure out how to sleep/hunt/socialise. a button guide would be helpful :P (btw im using a keyboard, not a controller)

Thanks! There should be a button which you can hold to lay down for rest. It can be a bit glitchy. 

As for hunting and socializing... they were not completed so these bars mean nothing. Prototype! 😬

hm i tried every button on my keyboard but couldn't find it. oh well. also socialising not being implemented certainly explains why i wasn't able to figure it out it lol. still a lovely game though, even if its unfinished c: