A downloadable portrait

a portrait by Blunderboffins

with audio from Sjef van Gaalen

created for The Digital Naturalism Conference (Dinacon) 2019, Gamboa, Panama

Agouti, Agouti! is a work of interactive digital art (i.e. a videogame) which aims to capture the spirit of the loveable agouti, a rodent commonly seen eating scraps and frolicking about in the backyards of Gamboa, Panama. They play an important role in the spread of seeds in the forest and are adorable to boot.

This prototype work can be played on a Mac or Windows computer with a two-stick game controller. The player is invited to explore a jungle, eat some fruit, and — as the agouti does when frightened — puff up the hair on their butt.

The agouti model is also available for download and free to use for whatever purpose. However, be warned that I'm a beginner modeller ;)

The humble Central American agouti.

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AgoutiAgouti_v0.0011_Windows64.zip 30 MB
AgoutiAgouti_v0.0011_macOS.zip 29 MB
Agouti_v0.0011_Model.zip 1 MB

Install instructions

Current version: v0.0011
To play, simply download the .zip file for your platform, unzip it anywhere and run. A two-stick game controller is recommended but you can also play with keyboard and mouse.

Development log


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GNU/Linux version not running - perhaps because only the binary executable were shared for downloading, when the *_Data folder is needed as well - i tried using the *_Data folder from the windoze version, and it's not working as well

Thanks for trying it! We’ll see about uploading a corrected version. 

You're quite right. The upload has been replaced with one that contains all of the data. (Still untested.)

thanks - i'm testing it now - i only could grab the fruit and rotate, it doesn't move and the camera neither 

Thanks for trying it! Are you using a keyboard+mouse or a controller?